About Us

The U.S. Capitol Page Alumni Association is the organization for former House, Senate, and Supreme Court pages who worked and studied on Capitol Hill during their high school years. The Association was formed in 2008 by a group of former pages who sought a way to bring together those of us who share this incredibly unique high school experience and who had the special opportunity to learn, grow, and mature in the shadow of the Capitol.

The greatest challenge in forging this association lies in the uniqueness of its institutional history. There exists no single page program, even to this day. Rather, there have existed a myriad of page programs dating back to the Nineteenth Century, each with their own customs and their own administration. Unlike most alumni groups, this alumni association has no comprehensive roster of past students from which it can draw its membership lists.

Since 2008, a small group of dedicated volunteers has assembled a list of former pages that now includes roughly 5,000 individuals. This list represents eight decades of page service: the oldest known living page graduated in 1936 and our most recent members have yet to graduate, having completed the page program as high school juniors in 2010.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to sign up online with your information. There is a chance that you are not yet listed in our records.

Our mission is to serve former pages in various ways:

  • Bringing together former pages from across generational lines: We
    December 2009 NYC Alumni Gathering

    December 2009 NYC Alumni Gathering

    recognize that page alumni share an incredibly unique experience, yet there are few ways for us to connect with those who served in different classes. The Association has compiled an online page directory that allows alumni to search those who work in a given profession or who live in the same state, for example.

  • Hosting events: This is another way to bring together former pages who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise meet. Since 2008, the Association has hosted alumni gatherings in Washington, DC and New York City. We hope to sponsor more of these in different parts of the country. Also, mark your calendar now for Memorial Day Weekend 2012 – this will be the first-ever Page Alumni Homecoming in Washington. It will be a Homecoming open to all former pages. At once, an opportunity to reminisce with classmates and meet alumni from other eras.
  • Fostering a sense of civic responsibility: We recognize that former pages share a common experience that is rooted in civic involvement. We all witnessed democracy – for better or worse – through uncensored lenses. Page Alumni, perhaps inspired by their experience in Washington, have overwhelmingly gone on to careers that serve a public purpose. The Association aims to encourage those alumni pursuing careers as public servants and those working on projects with a public interest bent. In the future, this will take the form of academic scholarships and other types of grants. Consider making a donation now to support this work.
  • Mentoring: Our membership represents centuries of life experience in a wide range of careers. The Association hopes to leverage this wealth of experience and connect former pages.
  • Sharing and preserving our unique history: The rich history of the page program is worth sharing and preserving. Through our alumni newsletter and the website, we hope to share those quintessential moments that have shaped the page programs and the lives of its members.
  • If you have any questions, contact us