Get Informed

Did you know that Bill Gates was a page? Did you know that there are currently four members of Congress who are page alumni? Do you listen to NPR Weekend Edition? A former page hosts it. Are you familiar with NASA’s early Appollo missions to the moon? A former page helped lead them from Houston. There are former pages working in almost every field imaginable, and many of whom credit their page experience as having set them on the path to where they are now.

The Capitol Page Alumni Association seeks to collect and share these stories with its members and with those who never had the opportunity to serve as a page. Do you have a story to share? Send us a message.

The Association seeks to publish its Capitol Courier Newsletter three times a year, filled with stories written by former pages about former pages. Also, for recent news about the House and Senate Page Programs and about page alumni who’ve made it into the news, check out our Pages in the News.