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Why the Capitol Courier?   The Capitol Courier was the name of the student newspaper at the Capitol Page School when the school was composed of House, Senate, and Supreme Court pages and when students had the option of serving as pages during all four years of high school.  The newspaper began in 1948 and was widely distributed on Capitol Hill.  In fact, the paper made revenue by publishing advertisements from local merchants.  The last issue of the Capitol Courier newspaper was circa 1981.  Although there is no current student newspaper of congressional pages, the Capitol Page Alumni Association has brought back the name for its alumni newsletter, which features in each issue a combination of news, alumni events, historical tidbits, and alumni profiles.


December 2013 Capitol Courier

This end-of-year Capitol Courier features several stories, including that of Ernest Wilson, former Supreme Court page and current Dean of the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Journalism; former page Dan McGinn, who over the years has amassed an impressive collection of political memorabilia; and former pages Laura Dove and Scott Sanborn, who have risen the ranks within the U.S. Senate and now hold manager positions as the Secretary of the Minority and within the Office of the Journal Clerk.  If you do not receive a paper copy of the newsletter in your mail box, it may mean that we don’t have your mailing address in our files.  If you’d like to receive future newsletters through the mail, click here

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Capitol Courier Archives


The December 2011 Edition features a timeline of events leading up to and following the decision to shutter the House Page Program.

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