Stay Updated About Decision to Shut Down House Page Program

The Capitol Page Alumni Association remains strongly opposed to the August 8th decision by Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi to terminate the House Page Program.  We have been overwhelmed by the outreach of support from pages of all generations, who are equally saddened by the announcement and who credit much of their later life’s success to their early experience as a page.

What can you do?

Many alumni have asked us what they can do to ensure that future generations of Americans have the opportunity to get hands-on learning experience in Congress.  In October, three Members of Congress introduced a House Resolution that would require the Clerk of the House to reinstate the program.

The Association strongly supports H. Res. 397 and encourages former pages from both chambers to call their representatives and ask them to support and sponsor this resolution.


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If you are from the media and seeking to speak with a representative of the Association, please email and direct requests to Association President Jerry Papazian.


News Reports About the Decision to Shutter the Program

August 19th Politico Article about the House page class of 1985 and its efforts to restore the House Page Program.

August 12th Article in Oklahoma press about Congressman and former page Dan Boren efforts to restore the program.  Former House page Ken Archer (Class 1991) is also quoted

August 9th Roll Call Article  Discusses thoughts of some former House pages, including Jerry Papazian (Class 1972), Tim Caton (Class 1994), and Carlos DeLaTorre (Class 2008)

August 8th New York Times Article quotes John Dingell (Class 1942), Jonathan Turley (Class 1977), and Jessica Wilkerson (Class 2007)

August 8th Washington Post Article presents several voices who are dismayed by the decision, including Eyvana Bengochea (Class 2010), Jerry Papazian (Class 1972), and Congressman John Dingell (Class 1942)

August 8th News hits the AP Wire, quoting Jerry Papazian (Class 1972) and John Dingell (Class 1942)

Fox News  breaking news story on August 8th

NPR blog on August 8th

August 11th Southern California Public Radio interviews Alumni Association President Jerry Papazian (Class 1972) about his page memories and the Association response to the announcement

September 6th Article in Munster, Indiana places the closure of the House Page Program in the broader context of American youth civic programs meeting the ax.


News Stories and News Blogs Reflecting on the Memories and History of the Program

September 3rd Article in Witchita Falls, TX interviews former House page Zack Davis

August 20th Baltimore Sun Article  interviews former pages from Maryland about their experiences, including Donald Munson (Class 1953) and John David Kromkowski (Class 1979).

August 12th NPR Morning Edition interviews Congressman John Dingell (Class 1942) and radio host Guy Raz (Class 1991) about their page experiences

The National Journal shares the powerful stories of Members of Congress who got their political start as pages, including former Congressmen Paul Kanjorski (Class 1954) and Bob Bauman (Class 1957), current Congressmen John Dingell (Class 1942) and Rush Holt (Class 1966), and another former page Geoff Patnoe (Class 1990)

August 9th Washington Post Politics Blog  posts reactions and memories of some former House pages, including Ken Archer (Class 1991), James Barnes (Class 2005), Kevin O´Connor (Class 2003), Andrew Woods (Class 1961), and Eyvana Bengochea (Class 2011)

August 12th Washington Post Publishes thoughts from Washington area former pages about ¨what we learned as pages.¨  Commentators include Ken Giles (Class 1965), Aaron Tobias Polkey (Class 1997), and Mac Hansbrough (Class 1960)


Alumni Efforts to Save the House Page Program

Save the Page Program  Get involved by sending a letter to your congressperson

House Page Network has launched a website, headed by Carlos de la Torre, a former House Page. This site will allow former pages and others in opposition to the closing of the program to sign an online petition.


Editorials Penned by former pages in Response to the Announcement

Former House page Zack Stanton (Class 2002), writes in the Detroit Free Press and calls the Page Program “one of the best incubators America has for raising young leaders.”

Congressman and Former Senate Page Dan Boren Responds by calling the decision drastic and unfounded

Reporter and former page Jamie Dupree (Class 1981) writes about the end of the program in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Former page Alex Wirth laments in the Huffington Post

Former page and legal scholar Jonathan Turley (Class 1977) makes a strong case to keep the program alive, writing in the LA Times

Former summer House page and television producer Amanda Marshall (Class 1995) calls the Page Program one of the best tools for inspiring young people in an impassioned Op Ed in the New York Times.

Former page John Paul Cassil, Class 2007, writes Op Ed in Roll Call.

Former page Mary Swick, Class 2003, writes a letter to the editor in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Other Editorials Written in Response to the Announcement

The Daily Caller responds by pointing out the educational and civic value of the program

The U.S. News and World Report asks ¨ïf we want to instill in young people a faith in government, why get rid of the page program¨