Pages in the News

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Mead Treadwell, Class 1974, Elected Lt. Governor of Alaska

Mead Treadwell was elected lieutenant governor of Alaska in the November 2010 elections.  Born and raised in New England, Treadwell moved to Alaska to work for then-governor Wally Hickel. In 2001, he was appointed to the Arctic Research Commission by President George W. Bush.  He was sworn in as Lt. governor in December 2010.


Page School Teacher Darryl Gonzalez Publishes History of Pages

“The Children Who Ran for Congress” hit book stands in late 2010. The book is the product of years’ research, including countless hours pouring over archival records and dozens of interviews with former pages spanning several decades of page service. The book tells the story of pages dating back to the first years of Congress at the turn of the Nineteenth Century. Expanded and modified from a PhD dissertation, The Children Who Ran for Congress doesn’t read like a stale product of academia. It’s full of compelling episodes that breathe life into the dynamic and ever-changing page experience. Darryl Gonzalez has been teaching at the House Page School for more than a decade.

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Jim Kolbe, Class of 1960, Reflects on the Tucson Shooting

Kolbe served as a page under former Senator and Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. In 2006, he retired from his 22-year tenure in the House, representing Tucson and Southern Arizona. In that year, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was elected to his seat in Congress. Kolbe was interviewed by several outlets about his reflections on the violence in his home town and his memories of the victims, including Judge John Roll and Rep. Giffords.


San Jose Mercury-News writes about three of the newest page appointees

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California recently appointed three of the newest congressional pages.  Daisy Torres, Maria Garcia and Dina Asfaha are all the children of immigrants. Asfaha, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Eritrea, noted the significance of their their page appointments:

“We’re showing our community that just because we don’t come from one of the most affluent neighborhoods doesn’t mean we can’t reach the top of the mountain and be successful.”


Karen Haas Sworn in as New Clerk of the House

As is customary when a new party takes control of the House, the new Republican House leadership appointed a new Clerk of the House. Karen Haas, who served as Clerk once before from 2005-2007, is the highest non-elected officer of the House and her office is responsible for administering the House Page Program. The day-to-day administration is led by Deputy Clerk Maria Lopez, who took the helm of the Page Program in 2009. There is no indication that this most recent change in party will affect the immediate leadership of the Page Program.


Paul Kanjorski, Class 1954, Loses Seat in Congress

Kanjorski was one of the handful of former pages who returned to Capitol Hill as a member of Congress. First elected as a Democrat in 1984 from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Kanjorski served 13 terms in the House – where he began his career in public service decades earlier as a page. As a page, Kanjorski was on the House Floor on March 1, 1954 when a group of Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the visitor’s gallery above. Five Congressmen were shot and 16-year-old Kanjorski, along with several classmates, carried the wounded lawmakers out of the House chamber.


Seth Andrew, Class 1995, Leads NYC Charter Schools to Success

Seth Andrew is founder of Democracy Prep Public Charter Schools. In 2006, at the age of 27, he oversaw the opening of Democracy Prep’s first location in Harlem. Today, there are five schools in total and they are considered among the highest performing in Harlem. In 2009, Andrew opened a new school in Rhode Island. The school’s unique educational model, perhaps influenced in part by Andrew’s experience as a page, places civic engagement at the core of student learning. Students are encouraged to debate important issues, there are frequent field trips to City Hall, and the school’s first dance was an Inaugural Ball. With the arrival in NYC of a new school chancellor, Andrew has received a lot of news coverage for his school’s unique approach.


Aric Nesbitt, Class 1997, Wins Michigan House Seat

Nesbitt, who served as a House page for Michigan Congressman Fred Upton, became perhaps the most recent page alumni to win a seat in a state legislature in the November elections. A Republican, Nesbitt won a seat in Western Michigan, where he grew up and his family runs a small farm. Before running for local office, Nesbitt worked in the House for several years under Congressman Tim Walberg and Congressman Tim Murphy.


Sean Bielat, Class 1992, runs a surprisingly close race against Barney Frank

Bielat served as a House page from 1991-1992. After high school, he served active duty in the U.S. Marines, where he still serves as a reservist. In 2010, Bielat ran for Congress against longtime Congressman and Chair of the House Finance Committee Barney Frank. Despite long odds against him, Bielat managed to raise in excess of one million dollars and in the November election he garnered 43% of the vote. Bielat drew national attention from the Republican party and many commentators believe that the 2010 campaign was the most formidable challenge to Barney Frank in over a decade.


Michael Allegretti, Summer Page 1996, Loses Bid for Congress

In New York’s September 2010 Primary election, Allegretti lost his bid for the Republican nomination to represent Staten Island Congress. A Tea Party candidate, Allegretti raised eyebrows last Fall when he earned the local GOP endorsement over another Republican candidate.  Allegretti grew up in New York City, where his family runs a heating oil business.


Guy Raz, Class 1991, is named new host of NPR All Things Considered Weekend Edition

Raz’s voice is now heard nationwide each Saturday and Sunday by millions of listeners on the All Things Considered Weekend Edition. Raz was promoted to his new position in July 2009, after reporting several years abroad from Berlin, London, and Iraq, among others. Under his leadership, the Weekend Edition has taken on a new charm, providing listeners with a wide range of stories from the world of business, politics, music, literature, and much more.