In Memoriam

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Classes of 1960-1969

Robert Christesen

House, 1960

F.C. “Duke” Zeller

Senate, 1960

Pierre Tullier

Senate, 1963

William Davis

House, 1963

Bill Bradley

House, 1963

Robert M Simms

House, 1965

John Hyland

House, 1966

Denny Booone

House, 1964

Donald Chavous

House, 1969

Classes of 1970-1979

Kim Hughes

House, 1970

David M. Federle

Senate, 1973

Barclay Greene

House, 1974

Ron St. John

House, 1975

Edmund Ward

House, 1976

Steve Abraham

House 1977

Classes of 1980-1989

Brian John Wesol

House, 1982

Glen Bruce

Senate, 1984

Melissa Bonney Ratcliff

House, 1986

Classes of 1990-1999

Elizabeth (Liz) Hood Blinn

Senate, 1991

Fritz Musser

House, 1992

Will Whitehead

House, 1999

Classes of 2000-2009

Andrea Hall

House, 2004

Classes of 2010-Present

Kathryn Meinzinger

Senate, 2012


Howard Greene

Senate, Sergeant-at-Arms

Bill Mohr

Senate, Stenographer

Classes of 1940-1949

John Dingell

House, 1943

D. Joe Bartlett

House, 1944

Julian K Morrison

Supreme Court, 1947

Richard Kuhn

House, 1948

Classes of 1950-1959

Edward H. Jared

House, 1951

Charles “Chuck” Bush

Supreme Court, 1954 November 2012, Lolo, MT

Heaton Dickson Buckley

House, 1954

Tom Winebrenner

House, 1954

Dan Havens

House, 1956

Doug McFadden

House, 1958

Ken Smith

House, 1958

Thomas McIlwain

House, 1958

Louis William (Billy) Walters

House, 1958

Steven Cymrot

House, 1959

Huell Howser

House, 1959

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