In a Rare Unanimous Agreement for 2020, 100 Senators Stood to Applaud the Pages

Anna Brown was a U.S. Senate Page for first semester 2019-20. Her edited letter recalls serving during the first week of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, held in the Senate chamber with Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. presiding. Read it here.

Page Directory Includes Pages Since 1801

Our Page Directory includes an historical section that provides the names and chamber served of all Pages going back to 1801! Read more about the forthcoming (and soon to be delivered) Page Directory here.

Charles Bush, First African American Supreme Court Page, Remembered by USCPAA

Todd C. Peppers, who holds a doctorate in political science from Emory University in Atlanta and is the Henry H. & Trudye H. Fowler Professor of Public Affairs at Roanoke College, was the featured speaker. Much of Peppers’ published writing addresses the Supreme Court and especially the evolution of its clerkships. His current research is about the African American Supreme Court Pages, focusing on the appointment in 1954 of the first, Charles Bush. Read more about the presentation Dr. Peppers shared with USCPAA here.

House Page Restoration Effort Updates

The McKeon Group, a leading Washington lobbying firm, headed by former Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, has agreed to work with the U.S. Capitol Page Alumni Association on a pro bono basis. Read more about the efforts of the Page Program Committee here.

A Personal Tribute to a Friend of Pages and the Page Program

The late Cokie Roberts had in her heart a fondness for the Page program and gave generously of her time on many occasions to support the Alumni Association. Read our tribute here.

In Remembrance of a Former Page and ‘A Man of the House’

The U.S. House of Representatives, and the House Page program, lost one of its own with the passing of the Honorable Donnald K. Anderson in August 2020. Anderson served as a House Page during the 86th Congress in 1960, having been appointed by Rep. John E. Moss of California. In 1987 Anderson realized his lifelong dream when he was sworn in as the Clerk of the House for the 100th Congress. He served as the Clerk of the House for eight years, until retiring in 1995. Read more of his legacy here.


Add to Your Legacy… And Support Ours, Too

Since the founding of the association more than a decade ago, USCPAA has relied primarily on membership dues and gifts to support its many activities. Former Pages and their families might wish to consider a donation or gift to help us grow and continue to be successful. A gift from you is testimony to the significance of your Page experience, and doing it soon will give you the pleasure of being able to see it put to work now. Please click this link for more information regarding tax-deductible gifts of stock, naming USCPAA as an insurance beneficiary, creating grants, and making donations.