Memorable Members

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Characters of Capitol Hill

By Jerald Lee Watts, M.D., House 1950 Our job put us in contact with young Congressmen who would later lead our country, including second-term John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.), second-term Richard Nixon (R-Calif.) and first-term Gerald Ford (R-Mich.). Mr. Kennedy frequently...

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Notes for History

By Jeff Jones, Senate 1964 Jeff was a Page in the United States Senate on November 22, 1963, when President Kennedy was shot. He describes the events of that day: The Senate was debating the Library Services Act, and I was seated on the steps leading to the rostrum in...

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What Did You Learn?

By John Dinusson, House 1992 John, sponsored by Cong. Tim Penny (D-MN.) and Senator Paul Wellston (D-MN) was often asked about his Page service, “What did you learn?” He reflects: “No matter how storied the politician, how senior the Member was in the leadership, I...

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We had a front row seat to countless historical moments and were eyewitnesses to history. From the early start of the nation, to World War II, the Civil Rights era, 9/11, and beyond, Pages witnessed the defining moments of the time. The Alumni Association welcomes you to share a personal memory or a story about a memorable member. Please email your story and photos, if available, to alumni@capitolpagealumni.org.

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