Personal Stories

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By Herbert Block, House 1982 (This was originally published in the Community Herald in 1982 when Herbert was a 17-year old senior at The Ramaz School in New York State.) Every day at the predetermined hour, the Speaker of the House, Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr., rose to the...

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A McAdams Senate: Oh, Brother!

From the mid-‘50s to the mid-‘60s, four McAdams brothers from Chicago served as Pages. All were sponsored by Sen. Paul Douglas (D-Ill.), who met the boys’ father, Frank Jr., after both were severely wounded in World War II. The two became life-long friends and were...

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Up Close and Personal

By Bradley J . Tay lor, Esq (House, 1981) You study American history and imagine what it must have been like to be there when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence or when George Washington gave his first inaugural address. But no matter how you try,...

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Bonding over Bologna

By Dennis Trout, House 1960 I was the overseer for the Republican Page Bench in the House of Representatives, even though I was appointed for two years by Representative George M. Rhodes (Democrat, PA). One afternoon, after sending all the pages on the bench to their...

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We had a front row seat to countless historical moments and were eyewitnesses to history. From the early start of the nation, to World War II, the Civil Rights era, 9/11, and beyond, Pages witnessed the defining moments of the time.  The Alumni Association welcomes you to share a personal memory or a story about a memorable member.  Please email your story and photos, if available, to alumni@capitolpagealumni.org.

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