Personal Stories

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Bonding over Bologna

By Dennis Trout, House 1960 I was the overseer for the Republican Page Bench in the House of Representatives, even though I was appointed for two years by Representative George M. Rhodes (Democrat, PA). One afternoon, after sending all the pages on the bench to their...

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From Term Paper to Page Term

By Ron Robertson, House, 1962 In the fall of 1961, I was a senior in high school in Bell, Calif., newly transplanted from Kansas. I read an article about Pages in the House of Representatives in my government class textbook, and asked my instructor about it. He in...

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An Eyewitness has His Eyes Opened

By Jerald Lee Watts, M.D., House 1950 At the end of my Page service in September, 1950, I reflected on the heady experience that had been mine, witnessing Democracy at work. Yet for all the noble acts I saw, I also remembered the times when I was forced to confront...

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We had a front row seat to countless historical moments and were eyewitnesses to history. From the early start of the nation, to World War II, the Civil Rights era, 9/11, and beyond, Pages witnessed the defining moments of the time.  The Alumni Association welcomes you to share a personal memory or a story about a memorable member.  Please email your story and photos, if available, to alumni@capitolpagealumni.org.

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