In 2016, the Washington Leadership Academy (WLA) aims to open its doors in DC.  The four-year charter high-school is partly inspired by the Capitol Page Programs and is being co-founded by two former Pages, Seth Andrew (1995) and Miles Taylor (2004).

WLA was approved by the DC Public Charter School Board in 2015 and aims to be one of the leading “civic education” programs in the country.  Like Pages, WLA students will get hands-on experience with democracy through service-learning placements on Capitol Hill and beyond.

Last year, Andrew and Taylor won a nearly $500,000 grant in recognition of the school’s potential to inspire and educate a new generation of young Americans.

The charter school will be open to all D.C. residents, but Andrew and Taylor hope to eventually beam its content across the country to tens of thousands of students in the form of top-tier online courses.

“We want young people to be inspired by the democratic process and our American values to become strong leaders,” Taylor explained.  “After the House Page Program was cancelled, we were adamant that it not be the end for hands-on civic education in Washington.  WLA will help fill that void.”

Andrew is the founder of nationally renowned Democracy Prep Public Schools, a network of high-performing charter schools, and hopes to use many of the lessons learned in those classrooms at WLA.