Our Work

The U.S. Capitol Page Alumni Association works for and on behalf of our membership.

Our efforts and programs encompass:

Alumni fellowship. Since 2008, the Association has hosted national and regional alumni gatherings in Washington, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, and elsewhere. In 2012, the Association convened its first all-class Page Alumni Homecoming in Washington, DC. More than 400 pages and their families attended our inaugural Homecoming. We held our second all-class Homecoming in 2016, welcoming more than 550 attendees. We are excitedly looking forward to our third Homecoming, postponed since 2020. Join us in Washington, DC, as we convene over Memorial Day weekend in 2022!

Alumni networking. Our incredible alumni make our organization great. Our members possess rich life experiences and have made significant contributions across a wide range of professions. We strive to facilitate networking and mentoring opportunities for our members through our events, membership directory, and personal introductions. We routinely connect former Pages across generations, professions, regions, political affiliations, and more.

Page program advocacy. The Association has been actively working with partners on Capitol Hill to restore the Page Program to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Preserving history. We encourage former Pages to reflect upon and share their experiences through our events, newsletters, website, and social media. Furthermore, our documentary, Democracy’s Messengers, captures and shares our unique story.

Fostering civic responsibility. Our Alumni share a common experience rooted in civic involvement. We all witnessed democracy at work – for better and worse – through the lens of youthful idealism. Often inspired by our teenage tenure on Capitol Hill, our alumni have overwhelmingly gone on to participate in public or social service.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us or join the Association!

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