The U.S. Capitol Page Alumni Association is a non-partisan organization of former House, Senate and Supreme Court Pages who lived, worked, and studied on Capitol Hill during some or all of their high school years. Our Association is a volunteer-led organization made possible by the passion and dedication of many former Pages whose lives were enriched by their experience.

The Capitol Page Alumni Association welcomes volunteers from among former Pages and friends of the Page Program. Volunteers serve on our committees: Events, Homecoming, Fundraising, History, Marketing, Membership, and Philanthropy. Additionally, volunteers augment our House Page Program Committee membership – to strengthen our ongoing efforts to restore the Page program in the House of Representatives.

Those with experience in public affairs/lobbying, marketing/social media, membership strategies, education, finance/accounting and fundraising/sponsorship are routinely needed; yet, any volunteers who are enthusiastic and engaged in our advocacy efforts are encouraged to apply.

We also welcome applications from Page alumni to join our Board of Directors. Board members are expected to take proactive leadership roles within committees, complete various tasks, assist with events, and promote the alumni association’s advocacy efforts to restore the House Page Program.

If you are interested in volunteering with one of our committees or applying/nominating a candidate for the Board of Directors, please email us at alumni@capitolpagealumni.org.

We greatly appreciate the countless volunteer hours that have already been invested in the Association. In addition to the volunteer activities listed below, the Association is always seeking to collaborate on projects related to our goals and mission. If you have an idea about how your own particular skills, experiences, business, or organization might benefit USCPAA, we would be eager to speak with you.

Some examples of ad-hoc volunteer opportunities include:

Class Whip: The Association is looking for volunteers to be class whips. Whips, or class representatives, serve as liaisons between the U.S. Capitol Page Alumni Association and their classes. They gather news, updates, and personal memories from their classmates to be added to the website and newsletter. They inform their classmates when there is an alumni event and they “whip” them into line, encouraging their classmates to participate in alumni opportunities. Each class may have multiple whips. Get cracking!

Washington, DC Volunteer: Do you live the Washington DC area? We are looking for a few good volunteers to help with some upcoming events in the area, most notably our upcoming Alumni Homecoming slated for May 2022.

Co-Host a Regional Event: Would you like to help organize or host an event in your area? It’s a great help to the Association and a fun way to meet new folks.

Graphic Design: Are you a graphic designer or do you have nascent graphic skills? If so, please let us know. We can always use your assistance.

Contribute a Story: Do you have an Eyewitness to History account you would like to publish in an upcoming issue of the Capitol Courier newsletter or on this website? Would you like to interview another Alumni with an interesting story? We would be happy to review any stories or story ideas.

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