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Please “stay tuned” for more video clips in the coming months. Meanwhile, enjoy this video of President Reagan’s graduation remarks wishing farewell to the Capitol Page School’s Class of 1983.


The U. S. Capitol Page Alumni Association is proud to share works written by or about Pages. Those books listed in blue focus on Pages or the Page experience. Where we could identify authors as Capitol Page Alumni, we have noted their assignment and final year of service (or “graduating class” cohort). This list is simply intended to inform our alumni regarding these publications. Any interviews, vignettes, situations, characters, or ideas expressed in the following publications reflect the author’s work and opinions, and not necessarily the perspectives or opinions of the Alumni Association.

If you are an author who would like to share your titles with the Page community, please contact us with your name, book or article title, publisher, and your year(s) of service on Capitol Hill.  Similarly, please let us know if you are aware of any relevant titles that you recommend we add to our list.

Alton, Edmond. (1896) Among the Law-makers. New York, NY: C. Scribner’s Sons. [Congress, 1886]
Among the Law-makers has been digitized by the Library of Congress and may be viewed in its entirety online here.

Anness, Albert R. (2000) Growing Up in Liberty. Sheboygan, WI: Zimmerman Printing Co. [House, 1949]

Eckloff, Christian F. (c. 1909) Memoirs of a Senate Page (1855-1859). New York, NY: Broadway Publishing Co. [Senate, 1859]
* Memoirs of a Senate Page has been digitized by the Library of Congress and may be viewed in its entirety online here.

Gonzalez, Darryl. (2010) The Children Who Ran for Congress: A History of Congressional Pages. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

Losche, Albert C. (1940) Washington Memoirs. Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Printing Co. [House, year(s) unknown]

Office of the Historian and Office of the Clerk. (2014) History of the House Page Program. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office.
* History of the House Page Program is available for .pdf download online here.

Severn, Bill. (1975) Democracy’s Messengers: The Capitol Pages. New York, NY: Hawthorn Books.

Sims, Marcie. (2018) Capitol Hill Pages: Young Witnesses to 200 Years of History. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. [Senate, 1979]

Thomas, Augustus. (1922) The Print of My Rememberance. New York, NY: C. Scribner’s Sons. [Congress, 1871]

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