The Capitol Courier Newsletter

The Capitol Courier was the name of the student newspaper at the Capitol Page School when the school was composed of House, Senate, and Supreme Court Pages. This was during the time when students had the option of serving as Pages during all four years of high school. The newspaper began in 1948 and was widely distributed across Capitol Hill. In fact, the paper made revenue by publishing advertisements from local merchants. The last issue of the Capitol Courier newspaper was in 1981. 

Although modern-day Congressional Pages no longer publish a student newspaper, the Capitol Page Alumni Association has brought back legacy the name for our alumni newsletter. Each issue features a combination of news, alumni events, historical tidbits, alumni profiles, and more.

We always welcome content from former Capitol Pages. Do you have a memory you’d like to share? An experience with a Member that was inspirational, funny, or unexpected? Please reach out to us and share your thoughts. We would love to feature your anecdote or article in an upcoming issue!

We catalog most of our past Capitol Courier issues below. Association members receive current issues delivered to their email inboxes and/or mailed directly to their homes as a benefit of membership.

We hope you enjoy reading the Capitol Courier as much as we enjoy assembling it!

Capitol Courier Winter 2020

Capitol Courier Winter 2018

Capitol Courier September 2017

Capitol Courier February 2017

Capitol Courier August 2016

Capitol Courier January 2016

Capitol Courier July 2015

Capitol Courier December 2014

Capitol Courier December 2013

Capitol Courier December 2011

Capitol Courier June 2011

Capitol Courier May 2010

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