By Jason Rae, Senate, 2004

I was fortunate to be selected as the Association’s “host” to lead 40 former Pages and family members for a rare look inside of Webster Hall, where today’s Senate Pages live and go to school. A few former Pages, like me, were revisiting old stomping grounds, while others worked as Pages before the dorm/school was opened in the late 1990s.

The tour was made available to attendees of the 2016 Homecoming weekend by the leadership of Senate Page School Principal Kathryn Weeden.

As both dorm and school, Webster Hall – just blocks from the Capitol – is an all-inclusive Page “headquarters” for its teenage residents. The first floor houses 15 girls and the second floor, 15 boys. The four-classroom school is located in the basement, with rooms dedicated to high-school Junior level English, Math, Science and Social Studies. School starts promptly at 6:15 a.m. and dismisses in time for the Pages to go to work in the Senate. The basement also has a communal kitchen (read, a big refrigerator and some storage cabinets) and a laundry room. The building is attended by adult supervisors 24/7.

Webster Hall is designed to provide a secure community that teenagers need when living on their own – for most, the first time. Ms. Weeden also described in detail the protocols and procedures in place to help assure the young Senate Pages have a safe and positive life experience in our nation’s Capitol.

It was a great opportunity to see what a day in the life of a Page is like today.

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