By Tim Hill (House, 1980)

The Board of Directors of the U.S. Capitol Page Alumni Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Hill, House ’80, chairman of a new subcommittee for Class Whips.

It is an honor to have been asked to oversee a new chapter of the association’s efforts to reach out to former Pages across time and geography – or as I like to think of it, to find old friends we haven’t yet met.

Since the Association was officially founded in 2008, our officers have pored over House, Senate, Supreme Court and Capitol Page School records to find the names of some 12,000 former Pages. For about half, we have missing or incomplete contact information, such as the Page’s older address from high school. For another 3,000 of our members, we have better, but not necessarily current, information.

As we learned in Washington, it’s not necessarily what you know, but who you know. Since 2015, the association has worked to create a corps of Class Whips, former Pages who network with classmates and colleagues with whom they worked while in D.C. The Whips, through person to person, encourage their peers to get involved with the association.

The effort has been successful, and we now have 67 Whips representing many of the class years. However, we feel that now is the time for a renewed, well-coordinated Class Whip initiative. That’s where I come in, and I am excited to move forward. USCPAA has more benefits than ever to offer members including newsletters and emails, and assistance with organizing individual class reunions. We have hosted two all-class Homecomings with growing attendance, and numerous Signature and regional events from coast to coast. We find that when Pages learn about our group, they are eager to be a part of it.

Being a Class Whip is easy, and we can provide you the tools to assist you. Your effort does not have to be high-tech or time consuming. A very successful outreach was recently conducted by Dr. Thomas Keahey, House ’68. Using a list we provided, he snail-mailed short form letters to 122 classmates. He received 22 responses via email, including 15 with new, current contact information! Ten letters were returned – which suggests different tactics to find them.

For prospective Class Whips who are comfortable with Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, we can provide tips on how to maximize your results. Each class can have more than one Class Whip, especially considering how the program has changed with the split of the House and Senate schools in the 1980s.

We want YOU to think about being a Class Whip. To just say yes, or get more information, contact us at alumni (@)

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