By Jeff Clark (Senate, 1969)

The United States Capitol Page Alumni Association’s first major gift of $25,000 from Ellen McConnell Blakeman (Senate ’72), paves the way for the association to initiate more strategic activities and raising our profile on Capitol Hill and among former Pages. New efforts include a higher level of advocacy on behalf of restoring the House Page program, distributing a documentary about the history of Pages on the Hill, and increasing the frequency of regional events.

Blakeman’s donation was a gift of stock shares, which the association sold. Because USCPAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Blakeman can claim the value of the sold stock as a tax deduction and not have to pay capital gains taxes on its appreciated value – which she would have had to pay if had she sold the shares herself and given cash to the association. “It is tremendously satisfying to support this association, because I believe in its mission,” she notes. “The money will be put to good use by USCPAA, more good than I can do by myself. Plus, making the gift met my goal of reducing the size of my estate.”

Since the founding of the association nearly a decade ago, the group has relied primarily on membership dues to support its operational activities including developing a database of former Pages and communicating with alumni through email and newsletter. We have also been the recipient of generous donations, ranging in size from $5 to $3,500. Regional and national events like the 2016 All-Class Homecoming are financed with dues, registration fees and sponsor/underwriters.

Now is the time for former Pages and their families to consider a gift to help us grow and continue to be successful. A gift from you is testimony to the significance of your Page experience, and doing it soon will give you the pleasure of being able to see it put to work now.

Your gift of any amount will be acknowledged promptly, in writing, for your tax records.


Cash donation: Simply write a check or money order to USCPAA and mail to us at P.O. Box 15112, Washington, D.C., 20003.

Credit card: Visit our website’s Donation page and make a gift through PayPal. OR, write to us with your credit card information, including expiration date and security code, and the amount you wish to give, and we can process the transaction.

Stock gift: Simply wire a specified number of shares of your stock holding(s) to us. We immediately will sell the shares and notify you of the final value, which will be tax-deductible. If you are interested, contact us at

Life insurance beneficiary: It’s as easy as designating USCPAA as a beneficiary of a specified percent of your policy. Contact your insurer for details. Let us know your intent so we can properly recognize your generosity now.