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Thanks to all of you who have participated in the 2020 Commemorative Page Directory update. PCI, the company we have asked to update our records and publish the directory, anticipates finishing the directory’s Page updates in early November. If you wish to ensure that you are listed correctly in the directory, or would like to purchase a directory of your own, you can still do one or both. Simply contact PCI at 877-582-3192 and provide the record locator from one of the postcards that they have sent you, or ask the PCI representative either to look up your record (after you answer a few questions) or create a new record for you (if you never received a post card in the first place). As a final option, you might have received an email from our Board President enabling you to update your profile online; should you wish to do so, please complete your updates not later than this coming Thursday, November 7th.

We are aware of the fact that some among our former Page Alumni may have gotten a little annoyed at PCI’s persistence in trying to contact former Pages. Perhaps you are among those who might have been hesitant to respond to PCI, for a variety of reasons. Please know that they are just working to achieve as great a response rate as they can in order to ensure the most complete and accurate information for our directory. In addition to the directory, they will offer you additional Page merchandise (tee-shirt, sweat-shirt, carry-on bag) for you to optionally purchase, should you wish to do so, but please remember you are under no obligation whatsoever to buy the directory or any merchandise.

This having been said, we do hope that you will connect with PCI to ensure that your contact information is up-to-date and accurate, as USCPAA will ultimately use this newly-revised and complete record for our own USCPAA private mailings. It is our desire to be inclusive in ensuring that all of our Alumni, whether Alumni Association paid members or not, receive the word about the many gatherings that we host each year around the country, as well as invitations to our quadrennial Homecoming celebrations, e.g. Homecoming 2020 set for May 20-24, 2020, at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

We understand that a few of you are quite reasonably concerned about privacy. As we mentioned when we first announced that we had hired PCI, you may opt-out of having any or all of your contact information printed in the directory – by contacting PCI directly at 877-582-3192. Alternately, you may contact our Alumni Association by email at Alumni@CapitolPageAlumni.org to either confirm what contact information you wish to include in the directory (and we will pass along to PCI) or ask to opt-out of having any or all of your contact information printed in the directory.

As this could potentially be the only directory that we ever publish with a master list of those who have ever served as Pages (i.e. about whom we know), it was always our desire to ensure that everyone (of whom we are aware) was contacted. This was also our intent behind providing PCI’s contact number across multiple platforms – to reach beyond those former Pages with whom we were already in contact – to reach all of our former classmates, friends, and Alumni.

Please also note that we have given PCI your contact information ONLY for use in updating and publishing this directory, and not for any other purposes. They are prohibited by their own agreement from doing anything else with our information. It is in their best interest, both practically and contractually, that our data is not disseminated to others for other purposes. If you believe it has been, please contact us at Alumni@CapitolPageAlumni.org and we will pursue it immediately.

As a final note, we wish to thank our myriad Alumni who have contributed, in so many ways, to the success of our first directory. We appreciate your support for our several missions, i.e. creating opportunities for camaraderie and networking among our Alumni, working to reinstate the House Page Program, supporting the Senate Page Program, fostering an appreciation for the august history of the U. S. Congress and U. S. Supreme Court through the experiences and memories of our Alumni, contributing to civics education, and much more.

Your support for USCPAA rallies our staff and board membership as we complete behind the scenes work to deliver programs and services to our Alumni and the Page Program. Thank you for your many contributions, in your words, actions, and financial support, that ensure our collective success.





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