The Association thanks the individuals and organizations who sponsored the 2016 Homecoming in Washington, D.C. Their generous support enabled us to put together a terrific multi-day program for former pages from the 1940s through 2010s.

Benefactor Level

Ellen McConnell Blakeman (Senate ’72)
Edward “Joe” Hillings (House ’55)
Donald M. Karp (House ’53)

Underwriter Level

Gerald S. Papazian (House ’72)
U.S. Capitol Historical Society

Sponsor Level

The G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery Foundation
Corinne Chapman Morse (House ‘94)
Nesting Project

Partner Level

Peter Darby (House ’83)
Helio Fred garcia (House ’74)
John Nine (Senate ’54)

Silver Level

Robert E. Bauman (House and Senate ‘55)
G. Thomas Chapman III (Senate ’62)
Dana DiCarlo (House ’83)
Tim Gibson (House ’78)
Kenneth Giles (Senate ‘65)
R. Web Heidelberg (House ’61)
Myla Jolley Long (House ’88)
Vance Morrison (Supreme Court ‘56)
Walter “Joe” Stewart (Senate ’53)

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